“One small step for man…… One giant leap for mankind.” – Neil Armstrong….. What does this famous saying from the first moon landing have to do with us, missionaries, Uganda or life here in general? That one “small step” is finally obtaining our 3 year missionary visas which have been 2 years in the making!!! That for us is one BIG giant leap! The process for obtaining visas here in Uganda is ever changing and is getting harder to do. Bluggles: Blessings Through Struggles.

Hats off to Luv Debra, Claire and especially Dao who labored long and hard to get us approved. And a BIG Praise God! The relief to have that done is immense. It saves us from having to beg, grovel and hope we can get a 2-3 month extension several times a year top avoid having to leave and come back into the country. Since we live here, it would be nice to actually be treated as citizens. Well, it is finished and we can focus on what we are here to do!

Compared to some other missionaries here, we are infants being only 2 years in. Every day it is confirmed in us that the Lord has us here for the long haul. During this time we have encountered so many positive things, met so many good people, built some healthy and solid relationships with the Ugandan people and some other missionaries who are here.

But we have sure had our share of troubles & struggles; many of which are unique to this kind of life. We have especially found that attacks in the spiritual realm are much more intense and in your face here. We were warned and expected that. I take hope in knowing that we are covered by Christ in the storms and all He calls us to do is the next right thing; not that we always get it right. We are human and how we extend grace is more important than how grace is extended to us. That grace comes in many different forms. And sometimes those forms are not easy. But this is not a sprint; it is a race.

“… let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus…. Consider him who endured such opposition from sinners, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.” (Hebrews 12:1-3)

I love that Jesus loves us so much He would allow us and test us & our faith through the fiery trials. Seems sadistic to a non-believer but we know it is out of His love and desire for us to grow, He puts us through difficult things & sometimes they are hard & make no sense at all. Sometimes he peels us away from people and even though we may not like it nor understand, once we get clear we can see a bigger picture and know it is for the best and He has better things for us.

We are coming out of a long difficult season but are very much looking forwards to the new one and what is coming next. Probably more bluggles.

We will be branching into the marriage ministry soon which had been delayed for a few reasons. Though FML is facing constant challenges, that ministry is growing & Debra’s role becomes more defined each day. My focus stays with the Baptist Union and teaching leaders which, though it is a challenge, it brings me joy being able to pass along what was given to me.

Since we have chosen to not return to the US this year, we are planning a respite. We were looking at S Africa but our focus is quickly turning to just staying here in Uganda & visiting the numerous places we have yet to see like the Nile River in Jinja. We have a whole host of beautiful locations here that are a testimony to why they call Uganda the Pearl Of Africa. We were blessed to be called to this country.

I recently went on a 2 day retreat to pray and be quiet at a lovely place just outside town priced for missionaries. It was a delight chillin with the monkeys!

We love Uganda and these 3 year visas will take us well into 2021 just as the next elections occur. There could be some major upset during that time as the people want change and advancement. But for now, we will keep our eyes fixed on the prize and continue the race the Lord has brought us here to run. As always, thanks to all of you who follow us, pray for us and support us financially. If you would like to partner with us financially, please do so here. Thanks & God bless!!!