The current reigning king here in the Toro Kingdom is Rukirabasaija Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV. That is a mouthful of a name! We, the whole Fort clan, had a blessed “aka Hope Toro Palace” day where the kids were able to meet the King and the Queen Mother, Queen Best Kemigisa Kaboyo. Looking at Wikipedia there seems to be some missing information on the Kings duties and his education. It also states that he went through a coronation in 1995 the same year he visited Denver and assumed the role of King one week after his father’s death.

The palace had another coronation for him on September 17th which we were turned away from as our group size was too big. One of the security officials said come back Tuesday and you can tour the palace. We were happy with that solution. To assure we would not have to pay the 5,000 UGX /$1.45 per person for entrance we had Claire follow up on Monday.

This is where it got interesting. img_5400 Claire went to the palace and like most things here in Uganda it took the majority of her day to have the ear of someone that could help at the palace. When we left on Saturday, we did not consider meeting the King, we had hoped to have a tour only.

Claire must have thought we were promised a meeting with the King and a tour, so of course that was what she was asking for. Claire left the end of business day Monday with a “no way to see the King this week the schedule is too packed” we will call you, kind of response.

To make a long story short, the Kings assistant called Claire about 9:00PM Mondayimg_5428 night, stating we would have a private appointment at 2:00PM on Tuesday with the King followed by a tour of the palace. From all the pics you see the kids and everyone looked very smart (looking good) and not only were we able to meet the King we meet the Queen Mother. img_5372

The kids were singing for the King and she heard them from a meeting she was in and wanted to meet them as well. So the King moved on to meetings and we then had the Queen Mother come out to greet us!


The Queen mother is an advocate for children, communities and for empowering women. We are hoping and praying that we will have future encounters with her as she stated she would love to work together. AND the King through his assistant asked for all our numbers so we are encouraged that something will come about. Please pray that would be the case, that there would be forthcoming meetings.

Rain, rain go away and come back another day! The kids here know that song too! It isimg_5450 the rainy season but like today as I am writing, we have had a reprieve today with no rain. The caveat is that I hear thunder so it may come yet tonight! It will rain most days or at night and the rain comes down in buckets. It can be deafening in the house here at home.

I would imagine that is the case in most homes, the sound is amplified since the greatest number of roofs are tin and that includes our church. This one here is tiles. We are fortunate that most mornings and most evenings are sunny and the rains are anywhere from one to three hours with cloudy conditions but the sun does come out.

Because of the rain, the Fort had a retaining wall that collapsed due to the weight of the wet soil and erosion. We are thankful to God that no one was hurt and that the teams were on it immediately to get the property secured and safe with a temporary wall. Of course for the kiddo’s especially the boys this was an exciting event!img_5461






Life has been challenging and things seem to crop up daily. Does this sound like your life? I bet it does. I don’t know that it matters who or where we are, life happens as they say. I’m blessed to stay connected to so many of our family and friends and privileged to pray for and know that they are praying for us too. As I have heard many times: If you are not going through a trial, and have not just gotten out of one, that means you are on the forefront of one.
So my last thought. Watching the goats here, they are tethered to the ground by a rope and often have more than they can eat in their tethered area. As they move from spot to spot they bleat, a lot. img_4763One of my observations is often they have their head down, while eating they will be bleating, or attempting to. I thought how strange that they would be forlorn while eating and chewing.

Then it came to me. I wonder how often that is how I look to the Lord. My head down, working, striving, worried, and eating. My day to day activities and going through the motions in my own strength attempting to trust Him but motoring in my own power.

He presses in and asks: “Am I reigning?”  I am learning a new level of allowing Him to reign, not that I’m that “good”, it’s because I have no choice.  It’s a great place to be!