What do sore bodies, sad hearts, an empty clean house and joy have in common? They all happen when you are moving out of the country. Since neither Debra or I have ever done something like this before, it is all new territory. It is part of the Journey we have chosen. It is not the easy path but it is getting easier!

2This past week has been brutal with moving in with my brother and sis in law, getting everything emptied out of the house, cleaning it as well as attempting to pack. At times, it would have been nice to climb into the fetal position, go on a long hike, get out of town for a few days to relax…. In other words, escape! But through all the sweat, tears, prayers and struggles, we are about through. We realized in all of this that the stuff we had was wonderful but became a ball and chain around our necks with us trying to get ready to move.

We had a small group of people helping us clean and we are so grateful for all their efforts. Brother Dave and Sis Debbie have been so wonderful as we have invaded their home. We are blessed!! We have had people throughout this transition who have helped us and we are grateful for each and every one of them.

3-1We are saving our packing for the last (only because we haven’t had the chance). We will have a few hours to focus on taking 6 large suitcases, 2 carry on bags and carefully choosing what of our remaining possessions we will take. We have our ‘Absolute Items’ & our ‘Wish List Items’. We anticipate many things not making “The Cut.”

Some of it hinges on if we can get it there. Debra is taking much of her cross collection and will sacrifice clothing for them! Those will adorn our home over there as she puts her loving touch on where we will reside. With the house taken care of we can now focus on other details in these last 2 days. We wish we could have another week to get around to see everyone we love but time hasn’t been a luxury. We were hoping for a little rest before we left but it looks like we will have to rest in Uganda if that is even possible!

4In our huge rush of getting things done yesterday we stopped for a quick bite of lunch at our favorite Chinese place. One last taste of beef & broccoli and garlic chicken and a fortune cookie that said: “Opportunity is knocking at your front door.” That’s an understatement! We have the best opportunity God could present to someone!


As we get through these next 2 days, we want everyone to know that regardless if we were able to squeeze out time to see you, we love each and everyone of you and while we will miss you, we will be making every effort to stay in touch regardless of being separated by half a planet.

Love is not limited by distance and our love for you has no limits.

One Last Note: As of today we are not yet fully funded so if you would like to become a monthly support partner, please go to our donation page and sign on to help us minister to the children and people of Uganda!