It is the end of another year. 2015 started out like any other year but for us ended in a way that we never thought possible. If you had told me a year ago where we would be today, I would have qualified you for the Academy! After 55+ years on earth I can honestly say that 2016 will be the most incredible year of my life and I know Debra’s as well!

So here we are at less than 3 weeks before departure to Uganda as the clock ticks with so much left to do. Oddly enough, this week is usually the busiest time of the year for us as we host an annual celebration of who Jesus is to us through a ton of food, atmosphere and fellowship. It is called the “In-Between” since it falls in between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Post 3

Every year Debra sends out an E-Vite and makes the logo for the year. Here is the one she made for this year. We were “advised” that we should not host it this year since we are in the throes of packing up. Instead our church is throwing it for us and using it as a “going-away” celebration. We are so overwhelmed with gratitude for all of those who are working so hard on it as well as those who will be there.

Post 1We mailed our passports to the Ugandan embassy to obtain our 6 month work visas and already got them back. Just looking at it makes me happy to know we are one step closer to being on our way. We have been amazed at all the things we have to get in place: health insurance, prescriptions, legal things such as wills and numerous other details.

When we see things like the visas, I get a thanks in the mail from the company I just retired from or something else, we realize this isn’t a dream; it’s real; it’s a dream come true! As you walk into 2016, do you have plans for the coming year? Well, you might find what we did: Don’t hold onto those plans so tightly because God may have other plans!! As Proverbs 19:21 says: “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”.

We are approaching a new year and a year that will be filled with joys, heartache, sadness, excitement, victories and failures. In other words, it will be like this year; just vastly different based on where we are going. We are keeping our eyes focused on God and a lot of amazing kids we will be with very soon.

As we prepare to welcome these kids into our lives we face the unpleasant event of saying goodbye to our furball kids this weekend so we save them from the trauma of the house being emptied. Please pray for us as we will certainly feel a void and pray for them as they adjust to new homes and get over the shock they will go through.

And, very importantly, we pray for all of you: Our friends and family that you truly have an amazing 2016 filled with growth and God driven changes that propel you into a deeper relationship with Him and a deeper purpose. Happy New Year!!!