Our 3 week trip back to America went fast in some ways and slow in others. It was great reconnecting with family and friends and it was also good to take care of some looming issues related to relationships. We took a road trip to see my brother Phil in Montana a few days after arriving, got to see an old friend (and supporter) and on that journey we experienced a few seasons we don’t have here in Uganda: Fall & Winter!

All in all it was a good trip but brutal. We are not spring chickens (okay, well Debra is) so it is hard on the body to drive 6 hours just to reach the airport, traverse 3 other airports and sit on planes for well over a day. We got stranded in NYC overnight where I had never been and put up in a hotel in Mid Manhattan a block from Times Square.

I got my culture shock out of the way right there. Thankfully our lost luggage was located.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith + Miss Everly

It was inconvenient but we did get NY style pizza and I got NY style cheesecake!! Awesome way to begin the oral destruction of my physique! Definitely packed on some weight but nothing some of Debra’s “nice salads” will not peel off. Restraint when it comes to food is not my strong suit. Debra does much better than I do. She actually orders salads!

I order what I cannot get here. Of course, it’s all stuff that is bad for me. I think I did better than last year: Only 2 doughnuts, 2 waffles, 3 orders of pork sausage & roughly 5 burgers & a bunch of other stuff I won’t mention.

Of our visit back I would have to say the most obvious thing I noticed was an overall tension  in people. You would think being in a 3rd world country we would see more of that than America but we see more joy here. The price for having more is all the things you have to do to get it and keep it and that is stressful in itself. Here there is a desperation & more of a desire for God.

That and the political climate is simply bizarre. It is stressful just watching a news broadcast!

The 3 weeks went quickly and we said goodbye to the people, the cleanliness, fast internet & reliable power & slingshotted forward in time 10 hours. As it was last time, it was so nice getting home. We left on Thursday & arrived home Saturday. We have decided that we will likely make that trek back every 2 years since it is so expensive and brutal. We came home to 2 very excited furball kids (yes, even the cat!) and our Ugandan son Enos.

We have spent the past week just trying to acclimate back. We went and saw the kids and they swarmed around us like bees hugging away! I think they realized this time we actually were coming back.

It was funny that they spent the first 5 minutes hugging and getting all mushy and after that they all went back to what they were doing in their little groups as though we never left. Kids are like that! We know God brought us here and has these kids sewn into our hearts and it has been such an honor to be a part of their lives and see them growing up.

There are those things you just never get tired of and they are one of those.

Debra gets back to work with the kids and Claire and tomorrow I get back to teaching class and looking forwards to see how my students did with their 3 week assignment. It has been a challenge learning HOW to teach another culture. Even with having teaching experience in a corporate and church environment, it takes time to see how these people learn & process information.

As we get back into the swing of life here in Uganda, we are excited for what the future holds. It is a new season for many things & your prayers and support are greatly needed & appreciated. If you would like to become a financial partner with us either monthly, quarterly or as a one time gift, please click here. All donations are tax deductible & are used for our monthly living expenses so that we can better minister to the people of Uganda.

In closing, please pray for us in the following areas: For our brother George (Pastor) for continued recovery from his surgery. He has been out of commission since before we went to the US and is struggling with weakness. Please pray for Debra for wisdom as she navigates through the transition of the kids from aka HOPE to Feed My Lamb & her role in that ministry. We do not see our roles changing much and maybe even growing in some ways. Please pray that we can get signed on with one NGO or another to obtain our 3 year missionary visas. Please pray for us both for health in all senses & for our effectiveness in reaching others fro Christ. As always, thanks for all your support & for following us!!