Six months ago today on January 18th, we left our lives in America, said goodbye to loved ones to begin a new life, a new Journey in Uganda. Our 6 month visas expire tomorrow so we have to leave the country to renew them. So we are leaving today to come back to the US to visit family, friends and update everyone on everything that has happened this crazy last half year.

This journey back will consist of a 6 hour drive this morning to Entebbe International Airport, 28 hours navigating airports and taking long and short flights. I am not crazy about the long travel from door to door. We will fly to Ethiopia and onto DC and back to Denver arriving Tuesday afternoon about 2:45PM. Please pray for safe travel and this nagging cold I picked up to go away.

331As I reflect on the past 6 months, I have to go back to August of last year to the visit I had here with Chris when we came over to sign the lease on the property we would be moving the kids to in Ft Portal. Visiting the slums of Naguru where they lived was an eye opener to how so many around the globe live. My heart was pulled to the aka KIDS at that moment and I knew then that my future, our future would be a lot different than anything I ever figured it would be.

Post 1Debra, already sensing that God was pulling us in this direction was the most incredible testimony of faith. She gutted her life to move here without ever having been here. She has been an inspiration to me! The process of gutting our lives was the most difficult thing I have ever done. Whittle all our worldly possessions down into 8 suitcases and not have time to pack until the day before we left. We never want to have to do that again!

9The 1st 6 months has been a challenge to say the least with so much to get used to and so much to learn and as we venture away for 3 weeks we know we have just scratched the surface. But we know this: That America is no longer our home. Uganda is. Just as surreal as coming here is leaving today to go visit knowing our home is here. We thank the Lord every day for bringing us here to live a radical life unlike anything we ever hoped or dreamed of.

A half a year after our arrival here, we have no regrets, only happiness that were chosen to come here. We look forward to being here as long as the Lord allows us to be. Today, we get to go back to where we came from for a short while and I am sure we will be in for a culture shock all over again. That, and we have to learn to drive on the other side of the road again….. We will be glad to see everyone but will also be glad to come home to our new home here as we continue to Journey Uganda.