IMG_1826 -1Since Bill called me out to give you my perspective I thought I better get busy and write something since I have been meaning to anyway.   Bill is just so much more entertaining as you all know and he is happy to be out here writing, blogging, posting, photo taking, being funny, being serious, being goofy, expounding to give perspective from here and updating in general.   I am grateful he is since that is not so much me!

I think that is one of the reasons that God has us (people in general) marry.   Most couples I know really are a lot different and complement one another in our strengths and in our weaknesses.   So I am a Facebook poster of pictures, poster of IMG_1967 -1encouragement and love reading and sharing things that are heartwarming and things that inspire me or I think will inspire others.   I tend to stay away from TMI, I tend to be short and sweet to the point.   In our marriage ministry the term that was used in the Art of Marriage material is that I am a “land the plane” kind of person and Bill is the “enjoy the ride”. For those of you that attended these sessions, you might remember that the enjoy the ride person was much more verbose and us land the plane folks are “minimum” in our communication.

My land the plane version of the “Weird Change”.   It did not seem weird to me.   As you may or may not know, while Bill and Chris were here in August the Lord had already been speaking to my heart.   I think that I was hesitant and cautious because I am a cautious person.  I want to be on the right path and I want to be in God’s will the best “I” can do from my limited ability. Although I am the one that has jumped out of an airplane, traveled for missions’ trips, I would say traveled extensively for work and pleasure– not just for missions and made some very big changes in my life on a dime, all of it was done with caution.   I know, sounds like I am talking out of both sides of my mouth here.

I think IMG_3312because of my initial time and coming to faith in Christ in 2001 and the ledge leaping that He led me to do in those first steps of knowing Him, I learned trust; He has earned my trust! His catching me and nurturing of me in times that were just so raw (we all have had them) and eventually where He has brought me to a place where I am content on the ledge that is Him.   I can only point all of these amazing steps, feeling like I am a foreigner at home no matter where I am or where He has guided me to, to His amazing love, which is for all of us.   He has blessed me with the peace that surpasses understanding and has continued to teach me about trusting Him as He stretches and molds me. It is He who left His Word and promises that we all need so desperately.

We prayed and prayed as we saw this Uganda bus heading our way, we brought in those that we knew would be private about our hearts and our sense of direction to pray along with us. We could not let everyone in as you know that is crazy (please don’t feel left out) because things were moving at a rapid pace and we were not sure of ourselves.   What we were sure of is God’s repeated responses to our prayers.   It was as if He continually put out the neon signs for us. But hey, we needed that! Who does what we were thinking we were doing and ultimately did do?


 Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.  1 Peter 4:8

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. 1 Peter 4:8

IMG_0160 -1We all have different walks and yours will look much different than mine/ours. Could you imagine if we were all called to the same thing? The earth would be lopsided!!   So here we are, pursuing Him from here in Uganda and His promises, knowing we are called, blessed, honored and privileged to be here to serve the a.k.a. Hope kids and mama’s. We get to serve alongside some incredible people. There are many other things starting to come to light, marriage ministry with other churches, Bill is speaking frequently, I really hope to start interest in Bible Study Fellowship for women here and of course we are trying to stay open to His Spirit.   We want what He wants for us! The love we have for these kids, Claire, the mama’s and for Uganda is not of us, it is Him!

We are blessed with prayer partners, financial sponsors and lots of local support with brothers and sisters in Christ. Yes, we know we are under a microscope yet blessed each day knowing He will impact others (stories already) in and through us and we get to witness this!   We love hearing your stories too, keep them coming and remember to share with us! Let’s meet at the finish line to hear “good job faithful servant” together!