Captains Log: Stardate 01….. Oh, never mind….. Let’s try this again. Uganda Log: 012116: As I sat here at 5AM attempting to adjust from being thrown forward in time 10 hours in a cigar tube shaped flying thingy, I reflect on the past day of being here. Wednesday was a day of rest mostly.

Having been here it has been interesting to watch Debra since this is the first time she has seen it. You would never know she hadn’t been here as natural as she seems with everything. While she is adjusting to the time change, climate and much different living conditions, it’s as if she has been dropped into her zone. Another affirmation we are walking down the path that God desires for us. She’s an amazing woman! We were welcomed by the outgoing Country Director, Christine, who has been amazing with Claire at getting everything ready for the kids to move. She will be handing over everything to us in the next week or so before her departure on February 1st.

4This is all about adjustments: Major adjustments. Food here is simple but a huge adjustment. I would call it no nonsense. Christine made us what I call Ugandan Nachos. They were homemade baked pita type chips with a meat type sauce with taco seasoning with some kind of “safe” cheese. They were good! She even had a jar of jalapenos as she knew Debra liked that Spicy Zing! Earlier, she took us for a walk around Kyanja where I had been when I was here and she introduced us to a few people and took us by a Rolex stand.

No, I don’t mean watches. Some of you may recall my story on this but it is a guy with an outdoor stand that would be shut down by the US health department in a heartbeat. As flies buzz about, he mixes up a few vegies with eggs and drops them into a pan and cooks them up. He takes a tortilla like thing called a chapata (sp) and puts it on top of the eggs and then flips it and rolls it up…… WALA!!! Rolled Eggs!! Or Rolex as they call it. Yummy things!

Debra experienced all the little kids yelling “Muzungo!” (white person) and waving at us which is music to my ears from my last trip. We are virtual celebrities with kids here as we are the vast minority.

IMG_2359Christine took us out to shop and to “experience” the taxi vans. The bodas (motorcycle taxis) are much faster but more expensive. We went down into the shopping area and spent time getting photos of us made for legal documents, new cell numbers, more internet and shopped for various things. We ate at a café and a downpour started and it rained a long time. We decided to buy umbrellas (duh) and so we were lugging all of our goods to reach the taxis with umbrellas armed. The ride back was longer, wetter and the walk back up to the house was muddy. There is no such thing as clean clothing that lasts more than an hour or so. We only lost 6 hours. African Time!

Just about everything is different from America; so everything is an adjustment. I knew there would be some major adjustments and unlike last August, one of them is power outages. There have been at least 15 just since we arrived and the last one occurred just 5 minutes ago as I was writing this and now I am sitting here in the dark dependent on the laptop battery! What? Oh, it’s back on now. Life in Uganda. Sleeping in a warm, humid climate will have to be an acquired taste on a major learning curve. I woke up in sweat at 3AM unable to sleep this morning. Need a small fan as the one I had fried. Didn’t like that 220V. Note to self: Look at the label.

IMG_2360The adjustments may be uncomfortable but we knew that going in. Where I was like many of you who are already over winter in Colorado, I am now wishing the temps would plunge into a deep freeze for just a bit in order to get the dried sweat off me. HAHA! I laugh because I think of how pathetic I can be. Coming from the USA where you can dial up any temperature in your home, I have a ways to go to learn how to dance with the natives here! Considering how some people in the neighborhood we are in are living, we are very blessed to even have intermittent power, marginal internet and running water (that’s another story) not to mention a bed. And yet, I wake up and sometimes wonder what on earth are we doing here!?

1Well, we are about to find that out as we get our hands into the work of the ministry. God’s purposes, though uncomfortable and a major adjustment, are always the best. At least we have a cat and dog who immediately accepted us as family. We are slowly settling in. We got into contact with Peter & Joeline who were in Denver staying with us and we are hoping to hook up with them soon.

These are New Beginnings. These are Big Adjustments. This is Journey Uganda!