As for the many articles you have seen here, I have never done a “profile” of anyone. With his permission, I want to introduce you to Paul. Why would I write an article about a specific Ugandan? Because he is inspiring to Debra and I. He is Hungry for the Lord & absorbs the Truth in like a dry sponge. He is a “game changer.” A young man who has gotten an education and has dreams and is pursuing them. One of the problems we face in Uganda is the hopelessness and many people don’t get past that. They go day by day in survival mode. 

Paul is not one of those people. Soft spoken and humble, this young man began attending KBC & since I speak most every week, he had been stuck listening to me. I have been accused of many things but watering down God’s Word is not one of them & I tend to be very engaging & thorough through the messages which keeps peoples’ attention. As Debra said, Uganda brought out a huge growth spurt in my message delivery. That credit goes back to God. Paul eats up what the Spirit pushes through me and can’t get enough. When I resume teaching next month, he will join as one of my students. He is not a church leader but again, he is Hungry.

His background in church left him with some misconceptions & after a message one Sunday, I met him and he pulled me aside to talk.

He was struggling with being perfect; being sin free. He was very concerned that any tiny sin in him could mean he is not saved. He is like many who have had a hard time understanding grace; I am one of them. I do not take compliments well & always turn back to the Lord.

He is the Author of any gift I may have. It sure isn’t me moving hearts. I say this because Paul had complimented me and did a testimony about how he has learned from me. This goes against my grain. Yet, I want to continually build him up and encourage him.

He asked me to baptize him & that took place recently.

What do I see in this guy that would drive me to write an article about him? Did I mention he is Hungry. We face so much adversity here spiritually and when we have a light like Paul who is on fire for Jesus, we cannot help but talk about it. Paul inspires me.

He gives me a reason to continue teaching and preaching. It is encouraging to know that the Lord is having an impact through us. It is exciting when we see His hands guiding us and we see fruit being produced. When we see a Hungry one, it is exciting. With Paul, I am sure that even with the class I teach being a more advanced course in studying the Bible, he will pick up the process and do well in it.

Paul’s degree is in the medical field so a Godly man who gets to have hands on contact with people like that armed with the Word of God means that people will experience not only improved physical health but more importantly spiritual health.

I will be long dead by the time Paul reaches my age and I have a feeling his life will be one that made a difference in the lives of Ugandans and made it a better place to live. Please pray for him as he gets into his field of work and also dives into the class; please pray for all the students and the teacher too! To partner with us financially go to our giving page. Thanks for your support!